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Mansel Nelson


Mansel Nelson

Mansel joined ITEP in 1998 as the Senior Program Coordinator for the Tribal Environmental Education Outreach Program (TEEOP) at Northern Arizona University. He works with professionals, educators, and students to show how mathematics, science, and technology can be applied to understanding local and global environmental issues. He also organizes support for tribes and schools on Indoor Air Quality.

Mansel completed a BS in chemistry and an MS in chemical engineering. During fourteen years of military service in the US Army Chemical Corps, he held a variety of positions, including Platoon Leader, Company Commander, Chemical Operations Officer, Chemist, and Chemical Engineer. Following his military service, Mansel taught chemistry on the Navajo Nation for six years, exploring issues such as uranium mining and milling and solid waste management with his high school classes. He was able to help students see the connections between math, science, and local community issues.

Mansel is married, with four adult children and one grandchild. He enjoys walking, hiking, and the outdoors. He enjoys reading, particularly, science, science fiction and fantasy. Mansel enjoys teaching and learning.

Mansel can be reached by e-mail at

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