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Todd Barnell

Program Manager

Todd Barnell

Todd has been with ITEP since August of 2002, and has the amazing good fortune to manage a truly stellar team. He and his merry band focus their attention on working with tribal professionals on solid waste, Superfund, emergency response, USTs, and brownfields.

Prior to moving to Flagstaff in 1999, he spent time as a hod-carrier, welder, secretary, public relations hack, and field grunt/lab rat for a climate change project, back in his birth-state of Indiana. Once he and his partner, along with their cats, had the good fortune of moving to Flagstaff he did stints with the Ecological Restoration Institute and The Nature Conservancy before landing his dream job at ITEP.

When not in the office, Todd spends much of his time reading, gardening, birding, and cooking (occasionally at the same time!) He also really values volunteering with various science-based groups in his community; but you can’t totally live by science alone, so he also serves on the board of the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival.

Todd can be reached by e-mail at

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