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AIAQTP: American Indian Air Quality Training Program

Quality Assurance Project Plans - TurboQAPP:

Turbo-QAPP is a free program enabling tribes to write their own Quality Assurance Project Plans interactively (similar to Turbo-TaxTM) and "asks" users a series of questions to create a QAPP. The software guides the user and writes user-entered material into a text file that can be printed and modified. It includes extensive help files, definitions, and lists of options. It adds repeated text in multiple locations in the finished document, thereby guiding users through tedious and repetitive sections that are often cited as stumbling blocks to completing a QAPP. It is and will stay consistent with the QC requirements for the criteria pollutants in EPA guidance and regulations. Turbo-QAPP focuses on the important aspects of the program first (e.g.; "why are we making these measurements?") but then places this material in the appropriate elements of the QAPP. The program suggests options for parameters that are commonly-used for that type of monitoring, pollutant, etc., while always allowing users to enter their own text. The software also provides a platform for additional types of programs, such as water quality or radiation monitoring, however no calculations or guidance documentation is provided for other media.

Tribes interested in obtaining the Turbo-QAPP software should contact: Melinda Ronca-Battista at

Users are prompted for required information by fields...

...and the software compiles the entries into textual format, which can be further modified as necessary:

For more information please contact:
Melinda Ronca-Battista

Research Associate